There are 52 weeks in a year and trying to break down all of the wealth principles into smaller chunks like top 5 or 10 ten is like saying do you want a roof or a foundation. You need ALL of the components to make a house a good investment and the 52 wealth principles include the smaller lesser known principles as well as all of the “Heavy Hitters”.

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As I have been revealing the principles slowly throughout the year we have had many of our students ask if there was a place you could go to see what all of the principles are. I have held off this long because I was concerned that if someone saw the title and it wasn’t catchy enough they might not show up for a very important lesson. On the other side I know myself and if I know there is a structured path to a training then I am more likely to implement every step of the way.

I have spent hours with my business partners and colleagues deciding on the importance of each principle and the order to present them in. The “52 Millionaire Wealth Principles” are presented below in the order we believe is most effective for taking them in throughout the year. The alternative name for this course is the “52 Weeks To Wealth” and makes the point that this is a year long training that is not meant to be rushed, but instead is a very serious commitment on the part of the student and future millionaire to incrementally grow at each step of the way and providing time to implement each lesson.

Here are the 52 Millionaire Wealth Principles:

1. Think A Million Millionaire Real Estate Investor By “Gary Keller”

2. Choose A Business That Can Make $1,000,000  Millionaire Booklet By “Grant Cardone”

3. Understand The 4 Types Of Money: Income, Profit, Flow, Equity E-Myth Real Estate Investor By “Michael Gerber” and “Than Meryll”

4. Put All Your Eggs In One Basket And Guard That BasketThe Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets Of America’s Wealthy

5. Build A Business“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” By “Robert Kyosaki”

6. Your Business Must Solve A Problem“Elon Musk” – Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

7. Who Has Your Money“If Your Not First, Your Last” By “Grant Cardone”

8. Don’t Save For A Rainy Day, Save To Invest“Set For Life” By “Scott Trench”

9. Track And Focus On Your Net-Worth“Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind” By “T. Harv Eker”

10. Increase Your Income through Increments and Surges“The 12 Week Year” By “Brian Morgan”

11. Double Down On Your Marketing “Crush It” By “Gary Vaynerchuck”

12. Alleviate A Frustration Experienced By A Large Group Of People Who Are Willing To Pay Enough To Make It Worth Your Effort “E-Myth Revisited” By “Michael Gerber”

13. Build A Contagious Culture In Your Business & Marketing“Contagious: Why Things Catch On” By “Jonah Berger”

14. Focus on the 80/20 Principle In Sales & Marketing80/20 Sales And Marketing

15. Leverage The Law Of Reciprocity Go Giver

16. Develop A Fixity Of Your PurposeThink And Grow Rich By Napolean Hill

17. Offer High-Ticket Items Or Deal In High Volume Sales Or Both Principles By Ray Dalio

18. Only Deliver The Highest Quality Product Or Services And From There Constantly ImproveSell Or Be Sold By Grant Cardone

19. Be A World-Class Expert In Your BusinessOutliers

20. Apply The 10X Rule To Your PlanningThe 10X Rule By “Grant Cardone”

21. Create The Definiteness Of Your VisionCreative Visualization

22. Seek Out Strategic Partnerships & AffiliatesCrushing It By “Gary Vaynerchuck”

23. The Power Of PartnershipsRocket Fuel

24. You Will Fail, Don’t give Up In the ProcessThe Alchemist

25. The Power Of Out SourcingA Whole New Mind

26. Study The People & Businesses That Are Performing The Way You Want Your Business To PerformQuit Taking Your Own Bad Advice

27. Steadiness Of Your FaithThe Wealthy Gardener

28. Learn To Love Dealing With Large Amounts Of Money And The People Who Have ItAm I Being Too Subtle – “Sam Zell”

29. Own 100 Percent Of Your ResultsExtreme Ownership

30. Learn How To Attract The Right Mentors For Your GoalsTribe Of Mentors

31. When Setting Sales Goals, GO FOR NOGo For No

32. The Point Is Not to Work, It’s To Generate IncomeBroke To A Quarter Million By “Gualter Amarelo”

33. Start Your Business To Sell Your Business And Get RichRetire Young, Retire Rich By “Robert Kyosaki”

34. Accept What Can’t Be Changed & Create An Advantage“Never Split The Difference”

35. Create An Awesome Team Around You – “Traction

36. Be Impeccable With Your WordThe 4 Agreements

37. Depth Of Your Gratitude – “The Science Of Getting Rich” By “Wallace D. Wattles

38. Sell Your Product Before You Build Or Create ItBuilding A Story Brand

39. How You Do Anything Is How You Do EverythingThe Compound Effect

40. Create Keystone HabitsThe Power Of Habit

41. Create An Environment That Will Force You To GrowThe Miracle Morning

42. Give The Impression Of Increase & AdvancementYou Are A Badass

43. Understand The Power Of DemographicsThe Laws Of Human Nature By Robert Green

44. Systemitize Your Business So It Works Without You4 Hour Work Week

45. Invest In Assets That Increase Time, Energy or Income Streams“Richest Man In Babylon” By George s. Clason”

46. Simplify Your Life/Business“The 12 Week Year”

47. The Law Of Hyper-FocusThe One Thing By Gary Keller

48. Know Thy Self: The Power Of Personality Assessments Awaken The Giant Within By “Tony Robins”

49. Seek To Understand, Then To Be UnderstoodHow To Win Friends And Influence People

50. Never Give UpCan’t Hurt Me

51. Learn To Love Solving Problems For People And Getting Rich Doing It“Blue Fishing” – “Steve Sims”

52. Sharpen The Saw7 Principles Of Highly Effect People

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