How real estate investors can find motivated home sellers

Motivated home sellers can turn the table around for your entire real estate journey. If you’re lost and wondering how you can skyrocket your profits being a real estate investor, you need to find motivated home sellers.

So, why “motivated” home sellers?

Home sellers who desperately need to sell their property on an urgent basis are easy to target and simpler to negotiate. That’s why they’re motivated.

Plus, they have a higher chance of selling their property according to your terms.

In my real estate journey, motivated home sellers have been my trump card for over a decade!

That’s why I’ve compiled my 3-step blueprint that will assist you to find motivated home sellers in 2020!

A motivated home seller list can be your greatest asset if you learn to use it well. Before you start producing leads, you must gather data of home sellers who are in a time crunch to sell their property. For example,

Reasons for urgently selling the property can be a divorce, job relocation, or avoiding foreclosure.

So, how do you build the right list?

You can locate dozens of motivated home sellers while digging through local courthouse records. If you have a lot of time on your clock of course. Otherwise, you can buy motivated home seller lists online from websites like ListSource.

Once you have your list, its time to filter relevant data based on zip-codes and property size requirements. This will help you target sellers that are specific to your criteria.

Now that you have a powerful list in your arsenal, its time to market these potential sellers.

How do you market potential sellers? I’ve got you covered!

Send out personalized emails or postcards that trigger an emotional response to your filtered list. If your email or postcard develops a personal connection with your target audience, you can expect a heart-warming response in return.

The conversion rate of these emails and postcards is around 5%, so don’t get upset if you do not receive a reply within a couple of days. For example,

If you send 100 emails to your target audience, you can expect 5 people to reply. Remember, if your emails trigger emotion, you’re on the right track!

This is where the magic happens.

So, you’ve done your homework, worked tirelessly to engage your audience and now replies are overflowing your inbox. What’s next?

You’re ready to call your potential sellers. Ask your motivated home seller to schedule a one-on-one phone call where you can discuss the details regarding their property. Do not try to sell anything to your audience.

Instead, ask questions regarding their problem and why they’re so motivated to sell their home. The sole purpose of this phone call is to provide value.

Answer their questions, help your leads find a pitch-perfect solution for their problem. The more trust you gain, the better.

Motivated home sellers are just a small constituent for a successful real estate empire. Real estate is not always about making a sale, sometimes you must look at the bigger picture. My blueprint offers mind-blowing techniques that can help you establish a booming real estate empire.

Join my mentorship and allow me to help you build YOUR empire!

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