Going From 2 Units To 130+ With Real Estate Syndication?

The Alchemist Nation Podcast is back and my first interview is with my good friend and a mentor of mine Matt Picheny!

Interview With Matt Picheny

You may have seen Matt speaking on stages like “The Multi-Family Network” of Boston along with podcasts and social media sharing his knowledge of real estate and syndications.

Today I got to get a behind the curtain look into the inspiration and information behind his NEW book, “Backstage Guide to Real Estate: Produce Passive Income, Write Your Own Story, and Direct Your Dollars Toward Positive Change”.

If you have been wondering how a person can go from buying 2 family duplexes to making his next deal 130+ units, then you will want to listen to this entire interview!

3 Pieces Of Advice For Someone Just Getting Started

At the very end Matt delivers the 3 pieces of advice he would give himself if he could go back in time which were:

  1. Buy Real Estate Sooner
  2. Buy More Real Estate
  3. Get into Syndications sooner

To get a copy of Matt’s NEW book you can go to Amazon OR buy it directly through Matt’s website which is his last name spelled PICHENY.com

Syndications are just one more strategy for being able to buy real estate without having all the money to do a deal yourself. Listen to the full episode if you are serious about learning how to get started with doing the “big deals” in real estate.

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