Double Your Income In 2021

No matter how bad things are in your life and business right now… Whether the Corona Crisis killed your business, cost you your job, or slashed your revenue by 50% in 2020.

Resourceful, resilient, and relentless entrepreneurs are finding ways to dominate the game around them and achieve record breaking income. This means You can too! You might have to get creative and pivot your business.

And you might have to work a lot harder than you would have last year.

But you can make 2021 a record breaking year if you’re willing to take action and keep pushing forward no matter what.

The Secret They Never Taught You In School

The principle of how to double your current income is pretty simple, yet it takes a shift in mindset to fully understand and implement. The good news is that when you understand this one principle it will lift the limit on your income while you still work the same amount of hours (or even less).

Say your current income is $50,000 and you want to double it. How likely is it that you can go out and find a job paying $100,000? Even if you own your own business that offers services to clients, it’s going to be hard to get the clients and then do the work to double your income.

Why Your Income Is Limited Right Now

If you’re like most people, then you’re probably trading your time for money. That means you work a certain amount of hours and get paid relatively. Whether you’re the janitor or the CEO, your income is based on showing up to work.

Your income is limited by…

  1. The number of hours you work
  2. The amount of value you provide (and will get paid for)

Why Does The CEO Get Paid The Most?

This brings us back to the key principle that will lift the limit on your income and that key principle is.If you want to stop struggling and live life to the fullest, Lifehack has a solution for you.

Leverage – The ability to do more with less

Both the CEO and the janitor get paid on their results. However, the CEO produces a more valuable result because of the leverage they have. They control an entire company and the results it produces while the janitor only controls the results of their own hard work.

Leverage comes from both money and people. The CEO can leverage the capital of the business (the money) and the employees (the people) in order to create a much bigger result than they ever could by themselves.

How This Applies To Your Income

If you want to double (or triple) your income then you need to create more leverage. If you look at the structure of a company, you see that employees get paid the least and then middle management gets paid more. This is because they have the leverage of employees to create a greater result than just doing the work themselves.

And this works all the way up the company structure. The Vice Presidents earn more because they leverage several middle managers and the Presidents earn more because they leverage multiple Vice Presidents. Finally, the CEO gets paid the most because they leverage everyone.

So one way to increase your income is to climb the ranks of the corporate structure, not by becoming better at the tasks you do, but by developing your management and leadership skills while looking for opportunities to advance.

The Danger Of Climbing The Corporate Ladder

Personally, I’m not a fan of the corporate ladder, as someone else can hold you back or lay you off even when you’ve done nothing wrong. So the other way to achieve leverage is to look outside your job and put some time into building a business or growing your investments.

And when you really think about it, there are people that earn more than the CEO. These are the business owners (or shareholders in a publicly traded company). They leverage everyone, including the CEO, without even stepping foot inside the office, and create a passive income for themselves.

By growing your own business, you are starting out in the CEO and business owner positions. That way, you are building a system that can leverage other people’s money and other people’s time to create bigger results than you ever could alone. You could also take your money and invest it in real estate or the stock market to obtain financial leverage.

How To Really Double Your Income

I learned the “True” process for doubling my income from a coach I hired in 2017 when my income was getting to a point where I wasn’t sure I could double it on my own. See I have been doubling my income since 2015 and in 2017 when I met my coach Paul Finck I was on track to earn a whopping $300k!

The problem was when I thought about how many hours I was working and the risk I was taking with my business and capital I wasn’t sure that doubling would be safe the way I had been operating. I went to his free event which is now called the Maverick Sneak Peak. At this event I learned the secrets to gaining more People Leverage as well as access to a new form of OPM (Other Peoples Money) that I hadn’t been using previously.

As a real estate investor your entire business relies heavily on the leverage of other peoples money and other peoples time (OPT). Building the right team of highly motivated people and inspiring them with a larger mission was just one of the many tools I learned in this training which have provided me the leverage to blow past millionaire status into Multi-Millionaire status.

The most remarkable part of the mindset shifts I discovered is that even though your income will increase dramatically, you can also reduce the amount of time spent thinking about and working for money!

If you really want to dramatically increase your income, then you need to increase your leverage. This is not an overnight process, as you need to learn more skills and take action to achieve the results you want. However the sooner you start… the sooner you see results.

Ten years from now, you may have gotten a few salary increases, but I can guarantee you won’t have doubled your income through your job. However, in ten years you could use your spare time to build a business and investment portfolio that doubles your income.

At the end of the day there are two types of people in this world…

Those that are being leveraged and those that are creating leverage

I hope you come to the same decision to start creating leverage in your life and start taking action! Here are the steps I have followed and that I want to encourage you to follow to find your success:

Read The Right Books (That focus on how to get what you desire)

-Get around motivated and successful people (They will help you reach your goals)

-Find 2 Mentors In Your Business (One Local & One Out Of Town)

-Hire 3 Coaches (One for Health, Wealth & Relationships)

-Join A Mastermind of like minded individuals who are looking to maximize their lives.

I want your feedback! Let me know what topics would help you get your income to the next level!

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