Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Karina Mejia, an Investor Turned Agent Helping Investors

In this interview with Karina Mejia, we talk about how she got into real estate in the first place. She says that it is now 2 -3 years for her since she was doing real estate as part-time before graduating from college, now it is 3 months since rolling out full time in real estate. I also ask her what she likes about real estate and what drew her in. She says that at the beginning it began as a little side thing, making some money, and with all the learning from it, she realised how powerful she can be.

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She says that she bought her first rental property in November and self manages it where she has learned a lot from that and hopes to continue doing that in the near future.

I further ask Karina, what she has for desire, for skills, and what is she looking to make this year 2020.
She says that when she got her job, she just wanted to double her salary. She says that she would be happy if she left that job and still made the same amount of money on her own.

I give Karina some foundational books to start with that include Secrets of a Millionaire Mind, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Richest Man in Babylon, Think and Grow Rich, and the Science of Getting Rich where most books, research, and movies come off this book. These are foundational mindset books to get her income up.

I advise Karina on client quality in that the better quality client, the more money you will make through them, the better your life will be, the better your relationships are going to be and the more fun your life will be.

I ask her what is that one thing that can propel her forward if she asked me about it. She asks me if I’m to go back a couple of years basically in her situation right now like what is that one thing I would do next after quitting my full-time job and I have a couple of clients. I reply that I would be on every real estate investment group on Facebook because that’s where the money is right now. I would tell her to be on the RIAs because that’s where all the real estate investors are hanging out. I would jump into every real estate zoom call and follow every influencer and guru and their events. Network and look for contacts from groups, events, and meetups.

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