Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast – Why Affiliates Are The Best With Mitch Durfee

In this interview with Mitch Durfee, we talk about how we can add more value to the investor community! I ask Mitch what he has been up to. He says that he has been doing a lot of stuff lately but one of the things he is trying to focus on is helping authors become best selling authors. He says when you do have the best selling book, you get to speak on more events, you get to impact people’s lives for instance like for $ 20 book, you get the information most people are paying for a $ 1000 because with that information people are making so much money.

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I further ask him the name of the book and what is it all about. He says that it is The Millionaire Business Mindset where he talks about the different strategies that he has created over the years that he has used inside his businesses and other peoples’ businesses in the country to go from 1 to $ 200K. He says that coaching companies are doing $ 3M year and one of the big shifts is in the mindset of these people. He recalls the time when he was writing $ 1000 checks and rent for $ 600 and now writing checks for $ 25,000 to buy a property is like where does he send the money. He says that’s all a shift in the mindset because when you start writing bigger checks, then bigger results. He further narrates that all this didn’t happen overnight but all started from investing in himself, hiring mentors and coaches, and reading too.

He says that there’s so much information out there which makes people a lot overwhelmed with it. He further states that you shouldn’t have it like a firehouse because people can’t have this amount of information at once but doing like this weekly series of interviews keeps people motivated, keeps them focused.

He commends me about being systematic with the way I teach. He says when the Alchemists leave or come to an event, they always have an actionable plan to follow and just implement the steps. He says his biggest struggle with entrepreneurship is that he dives in deep like for 2 – 3 weeks mastering the topic then he would want to automate it.

I also ask Mitch how to contact an affiliate, someone good online. He says that he has told most business owners to stop doing it on their own. He says that if we can focus on different things like he’s good on team building and system automation and software. So if you implement some software in your business then that’s a game-changer.

Mitch offers 3 pieces of advice for some looking out to become a millionaire.
1) – Choose the people you spend time with.
2) – Hire a coach.
3) – A planner – write down your goals every day.

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