#97 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast – Interview With Instagram Marketing Genius Saif

Saif Tayub - Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast

In this episode of the Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast, I talk to Saif Tayub who has been doing Instagram marketing for me. I wanted to know how he got into marketing in the first place. He says that he was at college studying finance, he took the initiative of studying online marketing. Before he got into it, he actually studied for about two years and everything they were talking about was about forex, stocks, e-commerce which was great. He got to a point where he was so confused about what to get into because he had so much information, he was in a bubble and there is a day he watched a video by Tai Lopez and he recalls Tai showing a book to his audience and he got the book. He says it is one of the best books he has ever read. The book is called Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker and the book helps you to identify your strengths and leverage them. What he did at the time, he got a piece of paper, it is a healthy practice to write things down because it engraves you mentally, so he made some points and looked at his strength and that is how he went into Instagram Growth and Marketing. He says that he loves to connect with people, build relationships, and above all, he really wants to help people because the value has to be there, the same way he did for me.

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Since Saif went to a business school and got educated professionally on investment, I want wanted to know whats his favorite investment currently, what has he invested in the past and what is investing in now. He says that personally what he has noticed is that investing in your education is one of the best things, to build the skill, build knowledge into something because a lot of people keep talking about money but that’s just the outcome, it is just a tool in life. Building a skill will always be there but money will not always be there. It’s one thing he has noticed with himself is investing in your education as well as your knowledge and anything especially mentors. A lot of people want to reverse like they want to go into something and they never look at it in a way where they’re reinventing the wheel. Why would you want to do it as the main thing? Just going to something somebody has already done and get mentored by them is what he honestly feels.

I ask Saif what tips or free advice would he give people who want to explode their Instagram like how has done for me where we are at 9000 unique users, unique followers. How can somebody increase their influence on Instagram? He says content creation is vital, you must do it 100%. Content creation will always be there for years, creating content and keeping it on Instagram will always be there for years and years and people will always follow you. On a personal basis, he would even say your biography, whatever you’re doing, if you’re a business person, blogger, a personal brand, you have to include it in your bio which is the main thing as well. Content plan or editorial calendar or social media calendar, it is always good to post daily and always have a few things, a few different things about your day, your personal life as well as giving value. The next bit is what he uses personally and is the most powerful thing called Outreach. The outreach method is a mind-blowing method where all you’ve to do is to message people that you’re selling an e-book, a course and this is organic with no money paid ads, you’re just messaging people. With the Instagram Algorithm, you have to message 10 people per hour, and let’s say you message 100 people a day which 8 to 10 hours of work and you message 100 people a day for 7 days a week which will be 700 people. If he closes around 5 people for a high ticket product for a $1000 which is $5000 and it is powerful which is why he uses it personally and that how he gets to clients and that’s how he got to me in the first place.

I further ask Saif how does he identify someone big in the industry. He explains it with an example in real estate where Grant Cardone is one the biggest guys in the real estate industry. Go to his recent posts, go through his likes and keep clicking on people’s profiles and look out for 3 things which are 1) if they have good bio 2) if they’re posting frequently 3) if they’re selling a product on Instagram. Then you can actually help them to create another source of income or just help them with the business itself depending on what they’re doing.

Saif offers 4 pieces of advice to 20-year-old Saif on how to get started.
1) – Invest in your education.
2) – Read a lot of books to discover your strengths and weaknesses so as to leverage your strengths
3) – Network and interact with a lot of people either on Instagram or in person or at the coffee shop, etc.
4) – Get a mentor.

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