#95 Alchemist Nation Podcast – Getting Started In Creative Real Estate Investing With Adam Adams

In this episode of the Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast, I talk to Adam Tripple Adams who has 520 episodes on his Creative Real Estate Investing podcast and I wanted to know what brought him into the podcast arena in the first place. He says that he has a business partner who used to host a podcast years ago when they first came out. His business partner has always been on the cutting edge of technology no matter what it was. He has always been doing technology companies where he founded the very first email marketing company. He has always been cutting edge, he has been in bitcoin before he and I knew what it was. As far as podcasting came out, he launched a podcast that’s what he wanted to do though he ended up quitting it. Adam recalls having a meetup group that was doing well in terms of growth and he wanted to take it to the next level where he had barely bought an Apple phone and for the first time, he bought an apple phone to learn more about podcasts. He says that it was 2017, they started recording in May with his partner’s help where he already had a mic, the computer that would do it, the software that would do the editing, all that kind of stuff. He was oblivious to technology but he knew that he wanted to start one though he knew that there were so many things that would have held him back from doing it that when he had a business partner that knew it from A – Z who was perfect. He did the voicing and his partner did all the hard stuff.

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I ask Adam how he got into real estate in the first place because he doesn’t talk about it a lot, what inspired him into the first deal, and what made him think real estate. He says that his first real estate deal was because he comes from a family of real estate investors but he postponed it. Adam narrates about his first deal when he was in college when his Stepdad was tired of waiting for him to bring real estate into his own path, his stepdad purchased a piece of property that he gifted to him in 2005. His stepdad’s accountant told him that he needs his son to pay for it where he was like his stepdad couldn’t just give it to him just like that because he was going to pay a bunch of taxes. So his stepdad kind of made him pay for it when he was in college and he didn’t really have money. So he paid the same price that he paid for it which wasn’t very much though a lot for a college student. His first deal was really thrown to him like coerced through some type of either Christmas gift and birthday gift in that year but that’s how they got started but he wasn’t passionate about it though he thought it was really cool that he could say as a college student that he owned a cabin lot.

I further ask Adam what type of real estate he is playing in now because I know he is the king of creative finance, king of teaching people how to find money, raising capital, hanging out in the syndication arena. What does his portfolio look like and more importantly where does he see it going and how does he want it to look like. He says that it is a great question though he didn’t expect it. For him and his team at Blue Spruce Holdings, they own, manage and they’re general partners in four different communities and they want to buy more though they didn’t buy a single property in the last 18 months. For them, it is the acquisition fees you make as a syndicator are very beneficial and they want to make them but what’s great is that they don’t necessarily have to close on a deal to have enough money in the bank. They can pay their rent or mortgages or housing, or food with what they have now which is awesome. He is also a passive investor where he has been involved in three bigger deals of like 400 units. His goal is that he would love to see their holdings company, Blue Spruce Holdings, and his business partners grow the portfolio in a smart way. They don’t want to just close something for an acquisition fee if they don’t think it can give money to passive investors. His other side of the goal is that he has invested in 3 apartment communities right now passively and his goal is to only invest in apartment communities.

Adam offers 3 pieces of advice to 20 years old Adam on how to succeed in real estate
1) – Focus on your future before you focus on the now.
2) – Get into multifamily sooner, go for cashflow not for just owning stuff and feeling good about owning them.
3) – Instead of doing a triathlon, go do mountain biking.

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