#88 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Alex Who Focuses On DIGITAL REAL ESTATE

Alex Brant - Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast

In this episode of the Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast, I talk to Alex who primarily focuses on digital real estate, focuses on advertising, and helps people build their real estate business. Alex explains the theory of how real estate can be digitalized where they came about a couple of vets himself inclusive, they came together and he had a digital mentor a long time ago. When he first got into business was the same time he got out of the army as a sultan franchise broker and over that learning curve, he learned through him because he was running an 8 million dollar a year digital company, doing training programs. They learned so quickly, and over time they learned that when people build a website, they think that’s all, they have made it digitally but it doesn’t actually work that way. He says that a lot of digital marketing tactics change but the basics and the concepts remain the same. If you have a digital asset, no matter what platforms come up, Facebook has been finicky as crap right now due to elections, purchasing any kind of ad space looks ridiculous. If you get called by marketing companies all the time, that tells you one key thing that everybody can do the same thing and it is not that hard. He says that his first big deal was when he made his first 100 dollar bet, he put 100 dollars advertising on Facebook when he met someone older than him that couldn’t find a franchise investor that would invest in a multi-unit, multi-million dollar deal on Facebook. He closed a four-unit deal in Jacksonville and Saint Augustine Florida which was a shark tank brand at the time. They closed that entire deal for 100 dollar bet on Facebook ads where he was like he can do this.

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Alex explains why digital real estate is important because no matter what platform picks it up, you creating content and linking it to a digital asset because you can put stuff on Facebook, you can spend money on it, you can build up that asset but what if it is gone overnight. Can you own it? Can you sell it? he asks and the answer is no because he later realized in business when he went back to school and started his company the same week he got out of the army. He says that he wasn’t business savvy, he had just come back from his Afghanistan deployment, he was a little tweaky, he was tossed and he didn’t know. Once he started learning, he realized that he was pretty much in a job where he took all the risk for and he couldn’t control the digital marketing very well. He didn’t have a hold to that because it was associations and all other things that were in place and if you can’t control it, you just the rescue of exposures and he didn’t know that till later on. The digital asset piece from him and his mentor that they were talking about are that they found that Small and Mid-sized business owners don’t know how to do a competitive analysis online.

I ask Alex how can prompt a motivated seller get to click on our website, give us the information, or provide the address for the house they’re selling. He says that I did bring up a good topic where they spend hours on other masterminds and pay thousands to be in mastermind groups with other marketers. He says that there is an authoritative piece of real estate right now that are for sale. They have X amount of traffic, it has revenue connected, it has a multiplier, it is an investment. Now you have to figure out how to make revenue off that. Now you must have an engineer or tech person at your hip. His biggest advice is to find an engineer, a techie, and pull them close.

Alex offers 3 pieces of advice to 20-year-old Alex on how to be successful with digital assets.
1) – Pull an engineer, Pull someone who knows the tech world.
2) – Create or own or purchase digital pieces of real estate.
3) – Understand that advertising is all set in a series of bid systems.

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