# 71 Alchemist Nation Podcast with Nathan Amaral Ex-Patriot Real Estate Investing in Uganda & Azore

In this interview with Nathan, an ex-patriot who is doing real estate investing in Uganda and Azore where I remind him of calling me someday out of the blue with regards to an interview with Dave Pereira and he was amazed by me being allover doing stuff. So he reached out to Dave because he was sending him a referral which he still does when it comes up. He says that Dave used to be his former boss when he used to be in the Mortgage business. He says that he learned a lot from Dave and one thing he learned very specifically from him in regards to building a business was his yellow pad. So Dave had his yellow pad and he would do his little triangles but he tells me a little lesson he learned from him. He taught him a lot even though he was going through some weird stages in his life during that point. He saw Dave Pereira’s interview with me and he knows that both of us have run into each other before in passing though being in the same circles in life at that time. He saw what I was doing because when he saw me interviewing Dave and he was amazed that I was in real estate training people in Fall River and that is the reason why he had to reach out. He narrates being in the real estate business for 15 years where he first enrolled in a program in Providence Rhode Island and he started his very business on the streets on Fall River, Somerset, Swansea, Seekonk even in Rhode Island over the years and that’s where it all started.

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I ask Nathan what kind of real estate products is he doing here and there, is it wholesaling, fix, and flips? He says first of all a little context, he was broke driving his 1989 beat-up corolla with the blinking lights on the side. One thing he had at the time was the drive and at that time he was afraid and had to get someone to help and go through a Tony Robbins program that literally changed his life and life has never been the same since that training. After doing the training, he went all-in and started investing in Fall River, the streets, all around the north and eastern avenue branched over to Somerset. He says that he had no money though he knew what was needed to be done. His coach was teaching him that he doesn’t have the money but he has the time, the resources, and the guys who have the money don’t have the time and resources that he had at the time, so he had to go and work for them as your own business owner and get paid a fee. He was still scared and he had built a buyer’s list of about 16 guys on that list, some of them I probably know. One thing he didn’t do was to put out offers and his coach ended up flying to Rhode Island, picked his coach from the airport. They went down to the Clerk’s office, the assessor’s office in Fall River in the City Hall where he had gone there the day before and he was denied the foreclosures lists, so when his coach flies in and goes there, he gets the two lists. He says that he learned a lot from him within 3 days and out of that list, he submitted 11 offers and out of those 11 offers, 4 got accepted, he closed on 2 making about $ 18k and the other 2 fell apart because he didn’t know what he was doing. After closing those two deals, real estate made sense to him.

I further ask Nathan what was the maximum number of units he had, how many flips he was doing a year before he decided to shift to an easier and better strategy because of having made enough. He says that those were great questions though he wanted to make something clear to my audience. He states that real estate is the number one asset class, the number one wealth vehicle class that is produced in the world. He strongly recommends that to be real estate to some capacity even if you have one rental, two-family, four-family whether you want to go small or to go big whatever is comfortable for you. Number two over the years is that at a younger age, he was exposed to investments that bonds and mutual funds. He sold some of his apartment deals in Rhode Island and South Carolina then moved to other things, moved to California for a little bit then moved to North Carolina for three and a half years where he started doing owner financing, landing investing, and some rehabs.

Nathan offers 3 pieces of advice to 20-year-old Nathan on how to become successful.
1) – Just do it.
2) – Invest Sooner
3) – Follow this model: Earn, Invest, Give, and Spend.

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