#67 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast with Regina Rosa Celeste The Real Estate Yogi

Rosa Celeste The Conscious Real Estate Yoga-Mindfulness-Travel-Mindset-Speaker-Coach-Author. She has done it all including building a solid brand for herself in her local real estate market. We discuss how she got into real estate, what she is doing now, and where she is going because the last time we spoke, she considered herself the flexible realtor/yoga realtor. She says that for a long time she has been separating everything because she thought she couldn’t bring the two together and people were telling her that she had to pick one i.e that she can’t be a realtor and then do yoga, meditation, and then coach at the same time. She recalls an excellent coach that teaches Linkedin and works with high-end clients who told her that she can do it though it would take her a little longer. She was the first person that actually believed that it was possible for her and she was like you create whatever you want which is basically the truth. She says that most of her coaching clients come to her through real estate and a lot of them want to learn yoga and it is interesting that now it is a full circle, coming together with a lot of fun and it is working.

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I ask Regina how long did take her to realize that it was her brand, commit to it, and say that this is what she was going to be doing. She says that the whole process took years though when she decided to work from Divine Right Spirit, it didn’t take her that long, just a couple of months. She talks about a really good friend of hers who is a designer and they started working on trade and she held in her vision and she honestly didn’t know who her branding person was going to be. She says that she had this calling to work with him and now she knows why it is perfect because he understood her.

I further ask how Regina got into real estate assuming that yoga has been part of her journey for a while as well as someone who is traveling a lot. She says that is interesting that when she first started out as a yogi, she was just a student and didn’t see herself doing much with it but for herself.
With regard to real estate, she started thinking about it when she was 16 when her parents were looking for a place to buy and were doing window shopping. Every year they would have different realtors though she loved her parents’ tenacity to keep trying, so being immigrants, they really wanted the American dream and so they ended up buying a place. Every realtor they had connected within the process of buying the place asked her if she has ever thought of being a realtor herself. She always replied to them that no and they said to her that she has a personality of a realtor. So when she went to Florida everyone including their mothers had a real estate license. She narrates that in 2003 she had started to flirt with the idea and in 2005 one of her clients heard that she was working at a convention center in Miami. She recalls her saying that her client’s sister is high up in the women council of realtors and was doing real estate for 30 years by then but if she could get in touch with her, she would give her the listing. She asked her client why she gave her the listing, then her client was like she believed in her and she would have done something with it.

Regina talks about one of the passion projects that she has had for years and it had a little membership-based organization. it is called conscious women invest and is now restructuring it. She says that is all about helping women and also men too to live their life with purpose and passion. Real estate is a component for that and she has a vision for women and a few good men to purchase property but also envisioning temporary housing when women can raise their kids together. It is more like a collective where they have their own apartment but they come together to have family events either once or twice a week.

Regina offers 3 pieces of advice to young people who have just finished college and high school and are starting out to succeed.
1) – Get a mentor to lead you in the right direction.
2) – Stop thinking about it and just do it.
3) – Remember to have fun.

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