#55 – Alchemist Nation Podcast – Dwan Twyford Went From Investing As A Single Mom To Owning A Town.

In this interview with Dwan, we talk about living in two different states then investing in the third state. She says that she used to invest when she lived in Florida and with time she and her husband decided that they could look for a super great opportunity zone. She further talks about the opportunity zone and when you google for them, they will show where they’re in various states. Her husband Bill is from Iowa were together with her at a high school reunion in Clinton, Iowa and as they drove downtown, they saw that it needed help. They talked about it on and off for years and then opportunity zones came in then they contacted people in Clinton.

To listen to Dwan Twyford’s Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast: #55 Dwan Twyford Went From Investing As A Single Mom To Owning A Town.

I further ask her what an opportunity zone and what actually drew her to this specific one. She says that opportunity zones are little big pockets are around the country. It is usually when the city is trying to do a re-beautification or maybe the city authorities are trying to bring a section of town that got out of control or sort of got away from the city. She says that opportunity zones offer you all kinds of breaks on taxes, you own it for more than 10 years and you get insane tax rates. Opportunity zones have funding available for things to put up a building like roofs, windows, facades. They have a ton of money available that you don’t have to pay back. They’re just grants available to you.

Dwan says that there was none of the technology real estate investors are using today like automatically dialing numbers from a spreadsheet to get a deal when she was starting out in real estate. She further narrates for the recent foreclosures then, it was like 90 days of the actual foreclosure sale. She could just open up a manila folder, they could hand you a stack of folders and you weren’t not allowed to go with them and she had to write everything down, not even a camera to take pictures was there. She really pities people who say that they can’t do it today and she always takes them back to when she started. She says when starting to do real estate, she had to do the title searches on her own and taught herself a lot of stuff.

Dwan talks about her mission with the people she’s coaching and training and why she continues doing events at the national RIA. She says when you’re starting off to do something, it is much easier and convenient, you’re building and making some money, it reaches a time when you can only build so much stuff before you need anything else. Dwan further narrates that for so many years ever since she started teaching, she has always loved teaching people. The older she gets seeing her kids approaching their 20’s and 30’s and her nieces and nephews approaching 40’s, she says that they just need to do what is required of them to be successful rather than being at a job they hate so much. She says that she is super dedicated to teaching people to be self-employed, work on themselves, make their own decisions, have their own life, and be their own bosses because she hates it working for other people.

I further ask Dwan what drove her into getting a spouse on her level than normal guys. She says that by then she had hundred of deals meaning she was a millionaire then and she didn’t date a person cracking their first deal. She didn’t want to talk about real estate all the time and train her spouse on real estate. She had a rule that she was never going to date investors but while speaking in Colorado for Bill Bronchick and her Bill Twyford was also there. They started sparking up the conversation and there was clear mutual attraction and while he [Bill] was talking, he said that he had done like 550 deals and she was like Bill knew what he was doing and even worked for Mike Ferry. So she was like he is coaching, teaching, he’s doing real estate, good looking and single. She considered a date and four days later, they were making plans to get married. She says that at some point Bill was a number two real estate agent in the country and he is a super go-getter and he liked her being a strong businesswoman. Bill was good at language skills and neuro-linguistic programming yet Dwan wasn’t strong at that section but strong at flipping and short sales though both were good at rehab experience. It was after 20 years of being together that they bought a town.

Dwan offers 3 pieces of advice to 20-year-old version Dwan on how to be successful.
1) – Don’t do drugs because they waste a lot of your precious time.
2) – Forget about college and working for others, start working for yourself and you’ll not regret it when you’re older.
3) – On a personal level before you get married know the person you’re marrying or getting married to.

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