Fix & Flip

Starting at 6.99%.  Our Bridge Loans Provide You Short-Term Financing to “Bridge” the Gap Between Now and When You May be Looking to Qualify for More Conventional Financing or for when You’re Looking to Sell the Property. And an Added Plus, it Gives You the Time and the Opportunity to Increase Your FICO or Improve Your DTI.

1 Year

No prepayment penalty.  This is a great program for investors that fix and flip properties quickly.

2 Year

A two-year term gives you the flexibility to fix and flip, buy and hold, engage in an extended rehab or even qualify for a conforming loan down the road.

100% Construction Financing

Up to 80% LTV
Interest-only payments

No Minimum FICO Requirement

No Min DSCR Requirement on 1-Year Term

Stated Income

No Prepayment Penalty on 1-Year Term
No DTI Requirement
Quicker Valuation Process, Full Appraisals Only Required on Case-by-Case Basis
Close quickly, 7-10 business days on average

Rental Loan

Purchase, Rate and Term and Cash-Out Refinance Options Available. Single Asset or Portfolio Aggregation. Enables Investors Like You to Build a Steady Stream of Income Through Rental Property Investment. We Deliver Speed, Leverage and Consistency to Both Highly Experienced and New Real Estate Investors.

5/1 ARM

Starting at 4.75%, Prepayment Penalty:  3% – 2% – 1% Stepdown



7/1 ARM

Starting at 4.99%, Prepayment Penalty:  4% – 3% – 2% – 1% Stepdown


10/1 ARM

Starting at 5.25%, Prepayment Penalty:  5% – 4% – 3% – 2% – 1% Stepdown


Property Types: SFR, 2-4 Units, Condos, PUD’s, Townhomes

Up to 80% LTV (Purchase, Rate and Term Refinance, Cash-Out, Refinance)

Minimum FICO = 600

30-Year Amortized with Fixed Initial Interest-Only Payment Period
Portfolio or Single-Asset Loans
Reasonable Underwriting on Cash Flow Requirements
Aggressive LTVs / High Leverage