Growing up in Russia money was an evil topic and it was never discussed at a family dinner table. We lived every day with a scarcity mind-set because my dad worked hard, and we lived paycheck to paycheck.

This had a powerful impact on me as a young adult and sadly I am seeing that happening here now in America..

People who in the past may never have had an issue, all of the sudden do. Seeing what is happening with the economy I am motivated more than ever to change this.

My passion has ignited even more; to challenge the status Quo of an average American which is to, “retire at 70, miss out on life and hope you have enough to scrape by in retirement”. I intend to beat poverty by teaching people how to become millionaires.

We do it in many ways:
-52 weeks to wealth seminars
-wholesaling mastermind sessions
-real estate training,
-sales training,
-stocks and cryptocurrency webinars,
-speaking and partnerships skills,
-affiliate mastery and wealth habits overall.

I am a part of creating a movement, to create 100 millionaires because we cannot settle for status quo.

Real Estate Investor | Realtor | Affiliate Lead Manager |Horse Lover

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